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WeclomeDef Bar Systems is a veteran owned business with Headquarters in Salem Mo. And satellite offices in St Louis and Kansas City Mo. We are here to serve the needs of our customers with quality armor. At DefBar Systems we are able to custom design and prototype your armor needs. Whether you need vehicle armor protection or Commercial and Residential hardening products DefBar is here to serve. If after reviewing our web site you havenít found what youíre looking for just give us a cal @ 573-729-0103 and we will serve your needs.  

Top Performers
DefBar Armor provides reliable multi-hit protection from .50BMG M2AP, as well as superb blast mitigation.  Ideal for fixed installations, portable fighting positions, safe/panic rooms, or storm shelters.  Zouline™ can be integrated by our expert design engineers into existing structures, or stand alone structures.


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DefBar Systems LLC is a Veteran Owned, small business. 
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