About Us

DefBar Systems strives to operate all of itsí business activities abiding by the fundamental ideologies of honor and dedication. First, we collectively honor our Creator by exhaustively devoting all our labors towards what we view not as a job, but as a calling. Secondly, we dedicate ourselves toward the unified goal of doing everything in our power to help protect the men and women around the world who dedicate themselves to protect and preserve the rights and freedoms we all enjoy in this country. An uncompromising belief that we can offer superior safeguards for our nationís greatest assets and an unwavering focus of ensuring these safeguards reach the people who need them most is what defines DefBar Systems.

As the world we live in seems to grow more dangerous with each passing day it is a disconcerting reality that there is an expanding requirement for an improved means of protection against escalating threats. As an emerging leader in the industry that already offers some of the most advanced ceramic composite armor solutions; DefBar Systems never remains static. We continue to be vigilant towards developing improved armor systems in order to maintain our status as a cutting edge armor development company offering world class products to itsí customers. Through collaboration with multiple Department of Defense and private entities, DefBar is able to leverage state of the art testing facilities and the knowledge base of subject matter experts in order to optimize itsí proprietary technologies.

Our commitment to be the best armor solutions provider also extends to DefBar Systemís Quality Management System., DefBar knows what it takes to not only understand customer requirements but guarantee that those requirements are delivered time and time again without fail. As part of our Quality Management System we recognize our responsibility to continually improve our process methodology and implement solutions based off lessons learned. Striving for perpetual growth and improvement is what makes DefBar Systems the benchmark of all armor solution providers.

We are a veteran owned and operated business, dedicated to God, Country, and the family. We work to make the best armor for the countryís greatest asset, the men and women who defend our freedom. We will never compromise.


DefBar Systems LLC is a Veteran Owned, small business. 
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